Fire / Building Evacuations


Definition - A fire or another emergency (e.g. chemical spill, flooding, gas leak) that prompts an evacuation.

Know what to do in case of fire.  Know the location of

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire exit

If you discover a fire or another reason for evacuating the building 

  • Pull the fire alarm. 
  • Call 9-911 and give them the location, building name, room number and directions to the site.
  • Call Campus Safety 382-6911.

If the fire alarm is sounded

  • Close the doors.
  • Use the nearest exit or alternate safe route, assisting others whenever possible.  Do not use elevators for exiting.
  • Proceed to the designated meeting area for your building.

          a) Students – Instructors will notify students of the location of the designated evacuation area and account for students in the class.

          b) Staff and Faculty – Supervisors will determine the location of the designated evacuation area and account for employees.

          c) Other Staff and Faculty – Go to the designated area assigned to your building.

          d) Other students and guests – Go to the nearest evacuation area.

          e) Disabled Individuals – Move to an enclosed stairwell if you are unable to exit the building. Tell others to notify Security or the fire department of your location. 

  • Wait for the “All Clear” when it is safe to enter the building.
  • RC labs - place red tag on hallway door handle if evacuating due to a chemical spill.  Tag is located inside of the door.