Emergency Communication

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The Department of Campus Safety or the Incident Response Team will communicate to the Alverno College community in the event of an emergency, a potential emergency, or on-going criminal situation that occurs on or near the campus. The college will initiate communication in the following ways:

      Network Communication: If you are logged into the Alverno college network, a pop-up window may appear advising you of the current situation.

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      Rave Alert: Students and Employees are automatically enrolled and will receive voice/SMS text messaging. Add phone numbers by logging in with your Alverno user/password at https://www.getrave.com/login/alverno. Updates to your contact information should be made in IOL at https://iol.alverno.edu. Cell phone numbers should not be listed as a Home phone to ensure receipt of text message options. Contact security@alverno.edu if you have any questions.

      E-mail: The College will notify the community by an e-mail which will contain the specific nature of the emergency and what action should be taken. We will also send an e-mail when the emergency situation has passed or is “all clear”.

      Public Address System: Alverno College is equipped with a PA system in some buildings which will broadcast a warning to those locations.

      Digital Signage: Digital screens are located in some areas of campus.

      Bulletin Board Post: Criminal activity will be posted throughout campus on the Security Information boards and online via the digital employee and student newsletters.


The Incident Response and Communications Team is responsible for confirming the emergency situation, determining who will receive notification, the content of the notification and will initiate the emergency notifications without delay, taking into account the safety of the community unless issuing a notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to or otherwise mitigate the emergency. All emergency notifications systems are tested during drills which occur each semester and tested monthly within the Incident Response Team. All drills except for a fire drill are announced for the day they will occur. Expect emergency communication during these announced drills and during real emergencies.