Drug and Alcohol Policy


As of September 1, 1986, the legal drinking age in Wisconsin increased to 21 years of age. All members of the college are subject to all laws of the State of Wisconsin regarding possession, consumption, and sale of alcoholic beverages while at Alverno College or at college-sponsored off-campus events. Alverno College neither encourages the use, nor condones the misuse of alcohol but respects the privilege of choice of those of legal age. In addition to institutional expectations, the following specific policies address violations.

 1. Alverno College expects individuals to abide by all federal and state laws regarding alcohol and drug use. If you are under the age of 21 you may be found responsible for violating the alcohol policy if one of the following conditions exist:

  • A college official smells alcohol on your person
  • You are in the presence of someone consuming alcohol
  • You have alcohol paraphernalia in your residence hall room or car
  • Your residence hall room or car smells like alcohol
  • You appear visibly intoxicated

2. Illegal drug use is not tolerated by the college. Individuals may be found responsible of drug use if the following conditions exist:

  • A college official smells drugs on your person
  • You are in the presence of someone doing drugs
  • You have drug paraphernalia in your residence hall room or car
  • Your residence hall room or car smells like drugs
  • You appear under the influence of drugs

3. All students are required to show proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages on campus. Students who fail to provide this information, use false ID or violate the law and/or college policy are liable for disciplinary action.

4. No person may procure, sell, dispense or give alcoholic beverages to an underage person. Individuals contributing to underage drinking will be held responsible.

5. Intoxication and/or alcohol abuse shall not be tolerated and will not be used as an excuse for unlawful behavior or misconduct. Inappropriate behavior stemming from the consumption of alcohol shall result in discipline (e.g. individuals consuming alcohol in prohibited areas, storing or consuming alcohol in a residence hall room when residents of the room are under 21 years of age, having kegs, tappers or beer bongs in the residence hall, having drinking parties in resident rooms).

6. Alcoholic beverages may be possessed, purchased and/or consumed by persons of legal drinking age in areas designated by the college. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be stored or consumed in a student room when any of the residents of the room are less than 21 years of age. Guests of legal drinking age may not consume alcoholic beverages in a resident’s room unless the resident of the room and the guest visiting is of legal drinking age.

7. Public intoxication is prohibited. Public intoxication is defined as any intoxication which causes a disturbance or is dangerous to self, others or property or in any way requires the attention of the college staff. Intoxication will not be accepted as an excuse for irresponsible behavior. This applies to all persons regardless of age.

8. All alcohol sold and served on campus must be purchased through Dining Services.

9. Individuals are responsible to assure the safety and welfare of their college peers and/or guests who are intoxicated. This includes providing transportation to/from off-campus events where alcohol is served.

10. Using, possessing, manufacturing, selling, buying, or transferring drugs on any campus property or at any college sponsored function is forbidden.