Domestic and Sexual Violence



Personal Safety Plan:

No one has the right to physically or emotionally hurt you, your child, your pets, your relatives. Deciding to leave a relationship can be very difficult. It is important to make a personal safety plan. A batterer is usually the most abusive when the person being abused attempts to end the relationship. Abuse is never okay. No one “asks for it”. No one deserves to be abused. If violence is increasing toward you, it may also increase toward your children and pets.

Preparing to Leave:

  • Make a list of important phone numbers:
    • Police: 911
    • Restraining Orders in Milwaukee County: 414-278-5079
    • Restraining Orders in Waukesha County
    • Hotline Numbers:
      • Commission on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (information & referral): 414-286-2997
      • Sojourner Family Peace Center 24-hour Hotline: 414-933-2722
      • Hmong Domestic Violence Hotline: 877-740-4292
      • Latina Resource Center: 414-389-6510
      • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE
  • Shelter: 414-671-6140
  • Sexual Assault Treatment Center: 414-219-5555
  • Support Group:
  • Family:
  • Friend:
  • IMPACT – First Call for Help: 211
  • Make a list of four places you could go to if you decide to leave home due to violence.
  • A person or a place where you can leave extra money, car keys, clothes, copies of important documents:
  • Items to take if you leave home because of violence:
    • Identification
    • Birth Certificates
    • Social Security Card
    • Money, credit cards, ATM card, bankbooks
    • Keys (home, car, work)
    • Lease/rental agreement, house deed, current unpaid bills
    • Legal documents, such as: work permits, passports/green card, divorce papers, restraining orders, insurance papers
    • Medications (get a second prescription if you leave without them)
    • Address & telephone book
    • Toys, blankets, diapers, change of clothes

Items of sentimental value