Safety Resource Information

 Safety begins by being informed


Campus and neighborhood safety requires teamwork among all members of the college, including students, staff, faculty and neighbohood residents. Only by working together is it possible to achieve the goals of maintaining a safe and secure community. Personal safety is enhanced by use of safety escorts, participating in the department's numerous programs, and contacting the department with any questions or concerns. Please take the time to review the information and learn more about the programs and services offered by the Department of Campus Safety.


Department of Campus Safety
Founders Hall, FO-254
  Emergency/Officer on Duty 382-6911
  Non-emergency 382-6158
 Campus Resources  
Counseling Services, Athletic and Fitness Center, AF208 382-6119
Health Services, Athletic and Fitness Center, AF208 382-6319
Residence Life, Austin Hall, Residence Hall Main Entrance Desk 382-6314
Student Affairs, Founders Hall, FO119 382-6118
Student Affairs - Title IX Coordinator (Sandra Siira), Founders Hall, FO101D 382-6011
Human Resources, Founders Hall, FO211 382-6127
Campus Ministry, Founders Hall, FO Chapel, FO255 382-6352
Milwaukee Area Resources  
Information on Milwaukee resources 211
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, 2900 W. Oklahoma Avenue 649-6000
Sexual Assault Treatment Center
Aurora Sinai Medical Center (24-hour helpline)
Behavioral Health Services,
Aurora Sinai Medical Center
Alcoholics Anonymous (24-hour helpline) 771-9119
Rogers Memorial Hospital (24-hour access) (800) 767-4411
Narcotics Anonymous (800) 240-0276
IMPACT Alcohol and Drug, Abuse Services Inc. 256-4808
Aurora Psychiatric Hospital 454-6600
Milwaukee Women's Center (24-hour helpline) 671-6140
Poison Center, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (800) 222-1222