Access to Campus Facilities


  During normal business hours Alverno College (excluding housing facilities and childcare) will be open to all students, staff, faculty and vistors. After business hours the college is closed and only those with card access may enter.

    The residence halls (Austin Hall & Clare Hall) at Alverno College are secured 24 hours a day and only those with card access may enter. The Austin Hall front desk is staffed 24 hours a day during the semesters by student workers or Campus Safety Officers. Student workers staffing the Austin Hall or Clare Hall desks are knowledgeable in policies and procedures and maintain radio contact with the Department of Campus Safety.

    Both Austin and Clare Halls are equipped with and monitored by cameras at all times to ensure the safety of our residents and guests.

    Athletic areas, some classrooms, offices, and storage areas are equipped with proxy card access. Appropriate students, staff and faculty may request access to these areas. If they meet the standards designated by those specific departments and Alverno College the access will be added to their ID card.

    Areas of campus (Library, Inferno Café, Academic Computing Center, etc.) may be open until Midnight. Exterior doors will be locked at or before 10pm. Students and employees may use their ID to access the buildings between 6am and Midnight when the doors are locked. Visitors are not allowed on campus when exterior doors are locked. All students must leave campus facilities at Midnight.

    Students and employees that are issued keys must return keys upon college request or upon leaving the college. Fees and fines are applied for keys that are not returned. Report any issues with doors, locks and card access to Campus Safety at

    Lost keys and/or ID cards should be reported to Campus Safety as soon as possible. A fine may be assessed for replacement keys and/or ID cards.