Campus Safety and Security


Our campus is located in a safe, residential area in Milwaukee’s Jackson Park neighborhood. Your safety is paramount to us. The goal of the Department of Campus Safety is to ensure the personal safety of everyone in our campus community.

Campus Safety personnel work with the Milwaukee Police Department to develop policies and proactive strategies to address campus security.

The Department of Campus Safety is available to:

  • Respond to security concerns 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Provide emergency first aid when needed
  • Direct and assist visitors, students, faculty and staff
  • Escort individuals to their cars and to other buildings when requested
  • Deliver emergency messages
  • Enforce regulations pertaining to underage drinking and the use of controlled substances (the policy on alcohol and drugs is in the Student Handbook)
  • Provide programming to encourage positive safety habits

 Emergency Procedures Reference Guide

This reference guide is a "What to do" for students, faculty, staff and visitors. It includes sections on:

  • Suspicious Activity
  • Fire / Building Evactuations
  • Weather Related Concerns
  • Emergency Procedures
  • External Threat / Active Threat
  • Resource Persons

Communication in an Emergency