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Campus Life

It’s not just a campus, it’s a 46-acre community.

The moment you step on our campus, you’ll feel it – the warmth, energy and friendliness of a college community unlike anywhere else.

Whether or not you reside on campus, we provide an opportunity to engage with other students in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Getting involved isn't too difficult, considering all of the many activities at your disposal. Campus life is vibrant, active and inviting, and we offer both off-campus and resident students a host of activities, special events and other opportunities to get involved.

You can participate in one of more than 30 student organizations that help you establish leadership skills. Develop a deep commitment to service and to understanding your faith. Watch or participate in an NCAA Division III sport, including basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.

Find balance in your life with the support of a personal wellness program. Enjoy weekly concert events, karaoke and comedy. Retain knowledge longer with an ability-based curriculum that ensures you'll succeed. Network, connect with our community and make lifetime friends, all while becoming the person you're destined to be.

Who knew getting involved could be so rewarding?