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Brief Overview of the Credit for Prior Learning Program

Brief Overview of the CPL Process for Students


Student completes and submits the Student Interest Form that can be accessed online at

After student submits Student Interest Form:

  • A CPL coach will contact the student to gather more information such as a resume and/or list of courses the student thinks will fit her/his experience.
  • The coach will ask faculty for a decision regarding eligibility of the student to pursue CPL.


If faculty agrees that the student should pursue CPL, faculty will determine the criteria for and the form of assessment that should be pursued by the student (e.g., portfolio assessment, course assessment, experiential essay, etc.).

Once faculty provides the requirements for the assessment, a CPL coach will begin working more specifically with the student. The coach will meet with the student to:

  • Explain the portfolio or assessment process.
  • Help the student create an action plan, including a timeline for submitting work.
  • Provide appropriate resources for the student.
  • Continue to assist the student, as needed, during the time the student is working to complete the assessment via the method determined by faculty.

 The student agrees to:

  • Communicate proactively with the CPL coach on a consistent, professional basis.
  • Work with CPL coach to determine a written timeline.
  • Meet deadlines and expectations. If the timeline needs to be negotiated, the student promptly contacts the CPL coach to adjust the timeline.
  • Submit her/his work to the coach for review.


Once the student has submitted her/his work for review, the CPL coach determines whether the work is in an appropriate form to be submitted for evaluation. If so, the coach submits the work (e.g., portfolio, experiential essay, etc.) to the faculty evaluator.

Faculty will:

  • Assess student work to determine if the student has earned credits. (Faculty members also can request revisions.)
  • Complete an Assessor Evaluation Form that contains outcomes, criteria, feedback, and results, and submit it to the CPL coach with appropriate portions of student work, especially the experiential essay.

The CPL coach will communicate the results to the student and to the Registrar’s office.


  • $150 per portfolio submitted (a portfolio may address multiple courses; includes experiential essay)
  •  $75 for internal performance assessment/experiential essay assessment
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