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CPL Bypass Assessment: QL 122


Quantitative Literacy in the Modern World

The Quantitative Literacy in the Modern World CPL bypass assessment includes concepts from rational number operations and algebra, with questions including primarily word problem applications and a few calculations. You may use a calculator on the assessment but are encouraged to show all your work to illustrate the process used. 

Topics covered on the assessment include:

  • solving word problem applications using proportions, percents, linear equations, and inequalities in one and two variables
  • performing calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals, fractions, and positive and negative numbers
  • using order of operations including square roots and exponents
  • evaluating expressions when the values of variables are given
  • solving
    • linear equations and inequalities in one variable
    • literal equations (rearranging a formula for a different variable)
    • systems of equations using two variables

Effective strategies include:

  • carefully reading an entire problem and isolating what information is provided and what you need to solve for
  • visualizing the problem by drawing a picture or diagram
  • writing an equation or expression to model the situation described in the problem
  • checking to see if your answer is reasonable within the context of the given information
  • checking for calculation errors

These assessments are not timed. As a guideline, most students spend about an hour to an hour and one-half for the assessments. Additional time is available if needed.

Below is a link to a sample assessment. The sample is designed to reflect the length and level of expectation of the CPL assessment. Specific question types will vary on the actual CPL assessment. 

QL 122 Practice Assessment

Solutions for QL 122 Practice Assessment

If the Assessment and Outreach Center or your advisor has notified you of your eligibility to take the CPL Bypass Assessment for QL 122, please click the link below to schedule an appointment to take the assessment.

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