Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Bypass Assessments

CPL Bypass Assessments give students who are enrolled at Alverno College an opportunity to earn credit for some introductory classes without having to take the classes. Successfully completing the assessments helps students save money and shorten their time to graduation by not having to take some introductory classes for which they already have the necessary knowledge.

Students do not have to pay fees to take CPL bypass assessments. Also, students must complete CPL bypass assessments and receive results before attending their first class. Read the CPL bypass assessment process below.

The following is a list of current CPL Bypass assessments. Click the links below for more information about each assessment. 

Communications Assessment

Communication Seminar I (CM 120)

Math Assessments

Quantitative Literacy in the Modern World (QL 122)

Mathematical Connections (QL 156)

Science Assessments

Foundations of Chemistry (SC 119)

Foundations of Biology (SC 120)

Process for CPL Bypass Assessments
  • The Registrar’s Office and/or Advising review students' previous coursework to determine whether students are eligible to complete the QL 156 and SC 120 CPL bypass assessments. 
  • The Assessment and Outreach Center (AOC) notifies eligible students.
  • All Alverno College students are eligible to take the CM 120, QL 122, and SC 119 CPL bypass assessments.
  • Students review assessment preparation materials online.
  • Students schedule appointments to take the assessments. Appointment forms are located on each assessment page. 
  • Students complete the assessments in the AOC. NOTE: students must complete and receive results before attending their first class. 
  • Faculty and/or staff evaluate students’ work. Evaluation usually takes two weeks.
  • If students’ work meets criteria, students receive credits for the course.
  • If students’ work does not meet criteria, students enroll in the course.
  • The AOC sends results to students and to the Registrar’s Office.
  • There is no fee to complete the assessments.
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