Credit for Prior Learning Program


Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Program

Alverno College's CPL program helps students enrolled at the college save money and shorten their time to graduation. Earning credits based on prior learning allows students to learn something new rather than enrolling in courses that they already have the necessary knowledge to meet course requirements. 

The CPL program allows students to earn credits based on their prior coursework or based on their knowledge gained outside the classroom. To earn credits, students must demonstrate their knowledge by successfully completing faculty-designed assessments. 

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CPL based on prior coursework

Bypass assessments for some communications, math-based, and science courses. Some assessments have eligibility requirements. There is no fee for these assessments, which typically take less than four hours to complete.

Spanish Language assessments assessments. These assessments typically take less than two hours. There is a $10 fee for these assessments.


CPL based on experiential knowledge

Assessments for advanced level courses. Students must  demonstrate that the knowledge gained from their experience outside the classroom meets course outcomes. These assessments have eligibility requirements. The fee for these assessments is $75 or $150 depending on the type of assessment students complete. 





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