Program and Institutional Evaluation



The Assessment and Outreach Center (AOC) studies and evaluates student learning, progress, development, and performance to determine the effectiveness of the college's ability-based curriculum. The department works with faculty, staff, and administrators to assess how well students are achieving learning outcomes at the level of the course, program, and institution.

The department's focus on evaluating the curriculum has a broad range. The department examines individual assessments to see how well students are achieving learning outcomes. It also uses surveys to analyze how the curriculum affects students after graduation. Studying who changes, who benefits and why gives the college a better understanding of how college-learned abilities affect alumnae performance in work and in their personal lives. This evaluation helps the college share its curriculum with other educators through workshop events the AOC coordinates and consultation services that the department arranges. 

The AOC also supports accreditation and grant evaluation efforts in the college.
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