Foundations of Chemistry (SC 119) CPL Assessment

The SC 119 CPL assessment consists of two parts.

Part One

The first part covers basic concepts and skills of chemistry. Students are able to show that they have met the following SC 119 outcomes:

  • Explains and applies selected major concepts and models of chemistry.
  • Identifies the main idea and supporting observations and inferences when reading texts or articles about chemistry.
  • Correctly uses conversion factors and algebra when analyzing numerical data.

Part Two

The second part is an experiment, which requires careful measurements, graphing, interpretation of data, and modification of the original experimental procedure. Students are able to show that they have met the following SC 119 outcomes:

  • Observes chemical and physical phenomena; uses observations to make reasonable inferences and generalizations.
  • Makes and interprets basic measurements (especially metric measurements) accurately.
  • Creates graphs and tables to organize and communicate data effectively.
  • Interprets graphs and tables and draws (appropriate) inferences from them.
  • Articulates problem-solving process.
  • Uses or modifies a design for the solution of a problem by means of laboratory experimentation.

Students who demonstrate that they have met the outcomes for the second part are validated for Problem Solving Level 1. 

Practice Assessment

SC 119 Foundations of Chemistry - Practice Assessment

‌‌SC 119 Foundations of Chemistry - Practice Assessment w/Answers

Additional Information

The assessment is not timed. As a guideline, most students spend between 3 and 3 ½ hours on the assessment. They often take a break between the two parts. They may bring and use a calculator. They will be given a Periodic Table and a molecular model kit to use during the assessment. Students can schedule appointments by contacting the Assessment and Outreach Center at 414-382-6020. 

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