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Teach & Learn Courses: Join one or more

Saturday, April 28

All activities take place on the Alverno College campus. Courses are $10 each unless otherwise noted. 

9:30–11:30 a.m. Morning Sessions

Alverno Then & Now Panel Discussion
Members of the class of 1968 share their Alverno stories. Panel includes Maureen Hellwig, Pat Dix Brewer, Dori Bonder and Donna Gaffney. 

Leading Professional Meetings via Internet Video 
In this interactive session, Alverno instructional technology staff will teach you how to use online meeting tools to lead effective, professional and productive meetings with a digital team. NOTE: This course starts at 10:30 a.m. 

Finding Your Passion and Purpose
What moves you? What inspires you? How well do you know yourself and what is truly important to you? Certified life coach and Alverno alumna Erica Mills ’05 invites you to question everything and rediscover what is truly important to your life now.

Lubar Scholars: Building Empathetic Schools From the Classroom Out 
Organized by the Center for Academic Excellence and the Lubar Scholar Students
Alverno education students will share their preliminary research findings on how teachers can create relationships, routines, rules and rigor that build empathetic K-12 classrooms. This presentation is complimentary.

Focus on What's Strong, Not What's Wrong – CliftonStrengths Workshop
Peter Drucker says, "Most Americans don't know what their strengths are." Does that describe you? If so, join alumnae Jo Ann Miller ’60, Sylvia Hedin ’67 and Virginia Wagner ’69, and Andrea Gorman, a Gallup Certified Coach from Marquette University, to name, claim and aim your strengths, challenging yourself to consciously become your best self. In preparation, complete the Clifton Strengths Assessment at to identify your five signature themes. Fees apply for advanced test; student discount available.

The Power of Story in A Monster Calls
Professor Mimi Czarnik will lead an exploration of the depiction of grief and growing through fairy tales and animation in the novel and film A Monster Calls. Read excerpts from the novel and watch clips from the movie during this interactive session.

STEM with the Girls' Academy
Professor Justin LaManna and Alverno students will lead participants through activities they use to teach mathematical principles and the scientific method to high school students participating in Alverno’s Girls’ Academy.

Alverno's Voice to Create Positive Change for Women
Join Mary-Ann Lupa ’64 and Mary Jean Collins ’63 to share the unknown history of Alverno’s involvement in creating positive change for women. Learn the stories of female leadership and discuss how you can exercise your power in the pursuit of equality.

11:45 a.m.–1:15 p.m. Music Therapy Lunch
See sidebar for details.

1:30–3:30 p.m. Afternoon Sessions

Playing Through the Fence Panel Discussion
In her new book Playing Through the Fence, author Mary Dowell shares her personal story along with those of 18 other women who have overcome challenges, bias and stereotypes with perseverance and determination to achieve personal and career success. Dowell along with Alverno alumnae Tammy Belton-Davis ’93 and Mary Braband ’86 and Alverno undergraduate Sarah Pearson, Wisconsin Women’s March co-chairwoman, will share their own stories in this interactive session. You can purchase an autographed book at the event for $20.

The Liberal Arts and You
How does your liberal arts education set you apart? How are you using the 8 Abilities in your personal and professional lives? Professor Trish Lewis and  humanities senior capstone students will walk you through what the liberal arts mean to them and how the skills they’ve learned are just as important now as they were when Alverno was founded.

Chemistry and Poetry
In this interactive presentation, Alverno Professor Tracy Thompson and Angela Sorby, poet and literary scholar, will explore how interpreting poetry and using models in understanding the physical are alike and different. In addition, they will describe how the frame into which we put our data affects its meaning. Participants will observe and engage in the transferable nature of abilities across disciplinary settings.

Creating Online Posters Using Canva and Adobe Spark 
Whether for personal or professional use, this interactive session led by instructional services staff will help you put online poster-making software to use, infusing color, image and design principles into your social media posts or advertisements.

Health and Wellness with Music
Join Leslie Henry '93, director of music therapy, and her students to learn how to intentionally use of a variety of music based techniques to promote memory, stress reduction and mood regulation. 

Financial Skills Seminar
What do you need to know about your finances? Join alum Deb Truckey ’98 for this empowering event. Learn more about decoding the real cost of buying a home and what financial success looks like for you. Ask questions and get the answers you need, surrounded by the support of your Alverno sisters.

Mindfulness: Freeing the Self from Suffering
Professor Amy Shapiro leads a session that explores the foundations of mindfulness and techniques to deal with the emotional and personal challenges that often plague us. Whether you are a regular meditation practitioner or new to mindfulness, this session is meant to provide insight and encouragement in your spiritual journey.

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