Michelle Feldman – 2004

Rising Star

This award recognizes an alumna or alumnus with less than ten years since graduation who has achieved significant success in her/his paid profession/career.

Michelle Feldman Alverno College Rising Star Award RecipientMichelle Feldman is an esthetician who owns Lavare Spa in Springfield, Missouri.  Clients received her handmade truffles for Valentine’s Day, and they clamored for more. A business was born. In a mere two years, Michelle has gone from making truffles in her kitchen to owning Elle’s Patisserie, a successful chocolate truffle, treat, pastry and ice cream shop. 

Demonstrating her close ties to her community, Michelle participates in the Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks and supports shopping and sourcing local.  As a member of Springfield’s Junior League since 2008, she served on the Public Affairs and Arrangement committees and she fundraises and volunteers at her son’s school.  Since 2006, she had donated more than $19,000 in products and services from the Lavare Spa and Elle’s Patisserie to more than 20 local organizations.

Drawing upon her professional communication skills, Michelle is a regular television personality, making seasonal treat recipes on a local station once a month.  She creates all the marketing and branding for her shop and writes the copy for and designs her business website.  While her husband takes almost all of the pictures of the shop’s food seen on Facebook, Twitter and the website, Michelle directs photo shoots.

Recently Michelle was named a finalist in the 2013 Woman-Owned Start-Up of the Year by the Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship at Drury University.  She truly is a rising star!

It’s a Perfect Match :: Lavaré Spa + Elle’s Patisserie

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