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  • Student Resources (overview/Important dates/with slider of dates to break up info?) I need the start of these then I need you to show me how to make the subcategories, which there is lots for me to practice below this!)
    • How to purchase textbooks(will contain general information/PDF of steps/website information for MBS)
    • Book Advances(how to know if you have one/how to use one, contact BO if need help)
    • Rental Returns(how to/@buyback/website help)



How to purchase textbooks?


Course Materials Avaliable in the A-Store

As noted on the vendor's website, some of your course materials are only sold in the A-Store. Click here for a full list of materials avaliable in the A-Store.

Book Advances

A book advance is excess funds left over from financial aid after the payment of tuition and fees. These funds are made avaliable to eligible students via the eFollett's website for purchase of course materials. 

Textbook Buyback

Each semester, a textbook buyback is offered to students on campus. Students also have the option to do an online buyback year round. 

Rental Returns