Resources for International Students

“The most delightful experience that I can share with you all, is studying abroad throughout my whole life and studying in catholic schools and institutions.”- Siumie (Nikita) Dassanaike

The members of the International and Intercultural Center (IIC) collaborate across campus to provide international students with valuable advice and support as they acclimate to life in the U.S.

A few of the services provided by the IIC include:

  • Assisting both Exchange and Degree-Seeking International students with the application and admissions process;
  • Offering to pair students with an American Host Family and organizes collaborative events;
  • Assisting students with navigation, campus services, and resources;
  • Coordinating activities on and off campus for international students;
  • Creating educational experiences to foster cross cultural dialogue and understanding between American and International Students;
  • Assisting students in navigating and accessing community resources;
  • Providing academic advising for exchange students and support for international degree-seeking students;
  • Assisting international students with maintaining their visa status and understanding the federal regulations.

The advice and support that is provided by the IIC comes from years of experience and knowledge that is ultimately intended to enhance your experiences at Alverno College. In order to help ease the transition and enhance your knowledge and global perspective, the IIC offers a comprehensive international student orientation and a semester long course on understanding American Culture.

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