Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad has opened my eyes up not only to the world around me but also to my values and interests as a person. It is an experience like none other. You can't even imagine it until you are here. Just realizing that I was actually standing in London, which I had dreamed about doing for years, made me believe that anything is possible. As they all say, live while you are young!” – Elizabeth Kent

Give your education a global dimension through Alverno's study abroad programs. Alverno offers both long-term and short-term international study opportunities.

When you study abroad, you will:

  • Retain continuous enrollment at Alverno so your financial aid formulas and packages remain undisturbed.
  • Gain a broader world view because of your invaluable intercultural experiences.
  • Expand your Alverno abilities in various cultural contexts in other countries.
  • Enhance your future employability.
  • Benefit from Alverno’s knowledge of our partner institutions and affiliated programs to assure credit transfer related to your program of study.
  • Have an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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