For Parents

“Once you’ve been taken out of your comfort zone, you have to learn to cope and live on your own. You can’t stress about the little things.” - Amelia Schuyler

My child wants to study abroad.

It is often difficult to step back and let your child take on the various responsibilities and tasks that go along with preparing to study abroad. There are many ways in which a parent or guardian can help.

  • Discussing how involved you should be while they juggle schoolwork, studying abroad and other responsibilities;
  • Assisting in applying for a student visa or passport;
  • Double checking deals on air-travel and flight information;
  • Providing financial assistance whenever possible with: vaccinations, visas, passports, tickets and luggage items;
  • Establish a plan on maintaining communication while abroad;
  • Taking your child to their health-care provider and asking questions about vaccinations and health situations in the country of study;
  • Contacting the International and Intercultural Center for questions about the study abroad process.

For more information, see how You Can Afford Study Abroad (PDF).

How safe is studying abroad?

Alverno College always has the welfare of our students in mind when assisting with studying abroad. The IIC staff continues to stay up to date on international affairs and will always give helpful advice when preparing for travel abroad.

The U.S. Department of State issues continuous Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings for certain countries that the IIC will not recommend traveling to.

  • Alerts are short-term events such as protest demonstrations or disease outbreaks that are recommended to take into consideration when traveling to that country. When the event is over or resolved, the Alert is cancelled.
  • Warnings are long-term issues such as intense crime and violence or an unstable government. Warnings are also cancelled when the situation changes.

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