Host Families

Host Families

"As an international student, moving to a whole new country is very daunting.  The Host Family Program here at Alverno gives international students, like myself, that safe family feeling back that we are missing.  

I am so glad I signed up with the host family program, as it helped me settle in to my new surroundings. It was really nice to know there were people here who wanted to support me and be there when I needed them, exactly like a family. Overall they enhanced my experience here, and I know I will keep connected with my American family, as I feel they are my extended family now." - Rebecca Johnston (Northern Ireland)

The International Host Family Program

The host family program is sponsored by the International and Intercultural Center (IIC) here at Alverno College. It is designed to connect international students with members of the Alverno Community. It presents an opportunity to welcome students to the United States and to introduce our customs, culture and community.

Families are not expected to provide housing for international students, nor do they assume financial responsibility. The host family program is designed for families to interact with their student on a regular basis at times most convenient for both parties. Families are also encouraged to invite the student to their home for dinner or family functions such as holidays or other events.

Additionally there are activities organized by the IIC that students and their host families may attend. See our Host Family Brochure‌(pdf) for more details on host family activities.

How do I become a Host?

  • Attend the information session held at the beginning of the semester;
  • Submit the International Host Family Information Form to the IIC;
  • Have a big and open heart with a willingness to learn from our international students.

If you would like to receive our International Host Family Newsletter each semester or for more information becoming a Host, contact Celia Jackson, at

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