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Frequently Asked Questions

Q“If I have not yet received a financial aid award, am I responsible for payment by the due date?”

A. Yes, you are responsible for payment.  You must make alternative payment arrangements with Student Accounts by the due date. If you have questions or concerns about your Financial Aid eligibility, you may contact them directly at

Q. “If I drop a course or withdraw from Alverno, am I still responsible for payment?”

A. You are responsible for payment of all charges regardless if you attend class or not.  You must drop a course or withdraw from the college by contacting the Registrar’s Office or Academic Advising Office and completing the necessary paperwork.  Ceasing to attend class or notifying an instructor does not constitute an authorized withdrawal and you are still responsible for all course charges.  Authorized withdrawals or drops are eligible for the official refund schedule posted in the Course Offering Booklet.

Q“How do I read my statement?”

A. The "Amount to Pay" (balance due) is located in the top right portion of your statement.  The Amount to Pay is calculated by adding all charges and subtracting payments/credits and pending financial aid (all of which are located in the middle portion of the statement).  The lower portion of the statement is your schedule-the courses for which you are being billed.

Also, please also take a moment to read the billing information located on the back of your statement. 

Q. “How can I make a payment on my account?”

A. Payments may be made made online through IOL, in person in the Student Accounts office, mailed to Alverno College - Student Accounts, 3400 South 43 Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53234, or charged by phone at (414) 382-6262.  Cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are acceptable forms of payment.

Q“Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about my account?”

A. You may contact Student Accounts at (414) 382-6262 or  Questions or concerns may also be addressed to the Director of Student Accounts in writing.

Q. "What is the Educational Loan Agreement (ELA)?"

A. Truth in Lending laws identify Alverno College as a creditor, and the College is therefore required to provide you with information regarding the extension of credit.  The ELA incorporates all of the Truth in Lending requirements and is intended to help you understand your billing rights and responsibilities.  Please read the ELA carefully prior to acknowledging the terms. 

Q. "Do I still have to complete the ELA if I’m paying my balance in full or if I don’t owe anything?"

A. Yes, you must complete this form every semester that you are enrolled at Alverno College.  While you may choose to pay your balance in full or you may not owe anything right now, your student account may be charged/credited during the semester for changes in registration, health service fees, parking fines, etc.

Q. "Why am I required to provide my marital status?"

A. Per the Wisconsin Consumer Act, creditors are required to mail written notice of the extension of credit to the spouse.

Q. "Where do I find the ELA?"

A. The ELA is now available in IOL.  Please log in to your IOL account and click on Current Students.  The Educational Loan Agreement is under the Financial Information section.  This form is available to be completed electronically and will need to be submitted prior to registration.

Q. "How do I set up a payment plan?"

A. Once you have received your bill for the upcoming semester, please review your account statement on IOL (under the Financial Information section) to determine the amount due. Once you have this number, you can download the payment plan form from IOL (also located under the Financial Information section). If you are choosing to pay via cash, credit card, or check please add the $50 administrative fee to your balance, then and divide your new total evenly between the available payment dates. For example, if your balance is $1,000 and you plan to pay with a check each month you would add the $50 fee, then divide your new balance of $1,050 by the 4 available payment dates. On your payment plan, you would enter a monthly payment amount of $262.50. Once complete, you may submit your form to our office.

If you would like to use the automatic withdrawal option, you will use the same form found on IOL under the Financial Information secion. There is no fee for this option, so you should skip the step listed above of adding $50 to your balance. Therefore if your balance is $1,000 you would enter monthly payment amounts of $250. Once your form is complete, please submit that along with a voided check or bank documentation with routing and account number information to our office (note: this needs to be provided each semester). If the payments are being withdrawn from an account other than the student's, the account holder will also need to sign the form.

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