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Dropping or Withdrawal

Dropping or Withdrawal

In the event it becomes necessary for you to drop courses or withdraw from the College, it is your responsibility to contact your Program Director or the Registrar's Office to complete the necessary forms.  The date on which you make this contact will determine the amount of tuition adjustment, if any, you will receive (see adjustment schedule, below).  Students must officially drop all courses when not attending.

Nonattendance (during the first class) does drop you from a course and may drop you from a cohort.  You will still be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with these courses. 

When a course is dropped, the following adjustment schedule will be used:                                   

Before course begins 100% refund
Withdraw before the second week of class begins 100% refund
Withdraw after the second week of class begins, but before the third week begins 50% refund
Withdraw after the third week of class begins 0% refund

Students receiving Financial Aid:

Your financial aid is based on the total of registered credits for an entire semester.  Failure to start a second course in a semester or withdrawing from a course (officially or unofficially) will require a recalculation of financial aid received.  This may require a repayment of all or part of a refund, if received.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you plan to withdraw from a course. 

Students completely withdrawing:   

Financial aid recipients will be subject to federal, state and institutional refund policies (different than the adjustment schedule above).  Aid is not considered earned until 60% of the semester has passed.  Withdrawals prior to this point will require a portion of financial aid funds to be returned to their original funding source.  You may owe the College money.  Please consult with your Advisor and Student Accounts before you withdraw from the College. 

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