Soref Resource Center

The Daniel M. Soref Science and Mathematics Resource Center (Soref Center)

If you need guidance and help with your science or math courses and assignments, the Soref Center provides one-on-one, drop-in assistance.  Loacker Tutors, students who demonstrated strong achievement in science and math adn in their ability to work with others, serves as Soref Center assistants.

The primary purpose of the Soref Center is to respond to individual questions and concerns, thus assisting you to learn strategies and increase your understanding of concepts and practices.  The academic assistants work directly with you to provide input regarding assignments from science or math courses and related areas such as nursing, education, and business and management.  The assistant reviews and reinforces content and processes with you as you work through problems and assignments, strengthening your understanding of underlying concepts.  In addition, you have access to software and online applications that allow for practice to support your area of study.

The Soref Center is located in FO 233 in Founder’s Hall.

In-person tutoring is temporarily suspended. Please visit the college's COVID-19 Information and Updates page for campus wide changes.

The Soref Center is now supporting math and science tutoring online.

Soref Center Online Summer 2020 calendar

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