Reviewers of Exempt Research

Reviewers of Exempt Research*

Outside the context of an IRB meeting, there are two categories of reviewers that determine whether a human subjects research proposal at Alverno is exempt from IRB review:

  • RRC Decentral Reviewers
  • IRB Direct-Certified Reviewers

All reviewers of exempt studies affirm that they will refrain from participating in exempt determinations when they may have a conflict of interest.

RRC Decentral Reviewers, as their name implies, make determinations for exempt requests in the context of a particular Research Review Committee. Generally, they review research proposals by Master's students in the particular school. These reviewers are assigned and receive training by the Research Review Committee for the particular school. These reviewers:

IRB Direct-Certified Reviewers make exempt determinations outside of the context of one of Alverno’s RRCs and address special circumstances. These include the following:

The following Alverno-affiliated individual is an IRB Direct-Certified Reviewer

  • Paul Smith (IRB Chair)

Submissions can be made directly to these reviewers, with the IRB Chair copied on both the original submission and the completion of the review.


EXEMPT RESEARCH Research determined through an IRB sanctioned request for exemption to fit within specific categories of minimal risk research that are articulated in federal regulations. Once a research study is determined to be exempt, data collection may begin, which is why it is said to be exempt from IRB review.