Researchers External To Alverno

Two Approval Processes for Researchers External to Alverno

The Alverno College IRB welcomes proposals from researchers who are not affiliated with Alverno College (external researchers) to conduct research at Alverno College. All external researchers must obtain both Alverno institutional approval and Alverno IRB approval, which are two separate processes.

Alverno College Institutional Approval

  • External researchers are required to obtain institutional approval from Alverno College to conduct the research before the Alverno College IRB will formally conduct an IRB review or determination of exemption. In order to obtain the institutional approval, external researchers should contact the Chair of the IRB, Paul Smith. He will consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and possibly with others to determine Alverno's position on the research request.

Alverno College IRB Approval

For research conducted on Alverno premises or on an identified population of Alverno students, faculty, or staff, Alverno College is a local IRB and, accordingly, acts as an IRB of record with final approval of the adequacy of the protection of human subjects in the research, unless the Alverno College IRB Chair provides a written letter that officially delegates this responsibility to another IRB. The Alverno IRB has articulated policies that address circumstances when multiple IRB’s have shared jurisdiction for research conducted primarily (but not only) beyond Alverno’s premises and communities. These policies may assist a researcher to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

  • Although the Alverno College IRB will usually not conduct an official review of a proposal from an external principal investigator prior to completion of Alverno institutional approval, we encourage external researchers to contact the Alverno College IRB Chair before they obtain Alverno College institutional approval with any questions they may have about the separate Alverno College IRB approval processes.
  • After obtaining documentation of Alverno institutional approval, an external researcher may then officially submit a request for an Alverno IRB review process.