When and How Does Another IRB Approval Suffice?

Alverno’s IRB has a policy for when and how it generally chooses to rely on another IRB’s review or use the documents submitted to another IRB as the basis for the Alverno IRB review. Researchers may find these alternative accommodations helpful. Note, however, that an Alverno affiliated student should always begin by using standard Alverno IRB review forms and processes.

For Alverno Principal Investigators: When IRBs are involved beyond Alverno In most cases submission to all IRBs (including Alverno) is most expedient. However, you may contact the Alverno IRB Administrator about what would be involved in pursuing a formal letter of agreement among the institutions to rely on a single IRB. At Alverno, this would be signed by the President, who is the IO for the IRB.   

For Alverno Affiliated Researchers who are not Principal Investigators: When all contact with human subjects is beyond Alverno's premises and no human subjects are recruited from the Alverno community
The researcher makes this declaration. He or she then also supplies the Alverno IRB with documentation of the approval of the local IRB and documentation of researcher training. The Alverno IRB then certifies these. Since there is in this instance no independent Alverno IRB review, the researcher does not represent him or herself as an agent of Alverno in the conduct of the research.

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For All Researchers: When the research is conducted primarily (but not only) beyond Alverno's premises and communities
A submission to Alverno IRB is required, but with an additional option. The Alverno IRB will use (as its basis for its separate review) the set of materials and forms submitted to the local IRB of the principal investigator. The Alverno IRB still makes its separate approval decision, and, documentation of approval by the other IRB is required. Thus, the researcher may choose, in this instance, to copy completed  materials and forms (as  submitted for another IRB) to the Alverno IRB rather than use Alverno's forms. The Alverno IRB also certifies for any Alverno researchers on the project their documentation of researcher training.

In all cases, the researcher must get formal notification of Alverno IRB approval prior to participating in the conduct of the study.