Education Consultation Services

Education Consultation Services

Drawing on more than 30 years of shared experience in curriculum development and institutional transformation, Alverno faculty and staff work with educational institutions, nationally and internationally, to help transform their theory and practice of teaching, learning and assessment and revise their organization structures.

If you are interested in having us consult with your institution, we will work with you to conduct custom-designed presentations based on your specific needs. Alverno faculty will help you to examine internal and external motivators for curriculum change and will address what goes on within and outside of the classroom.

Starting from your current philosophy of teaching and learning, our knowledgeable faculty and staff will work with you and your team to develop student outcomes. They will also help to identify and clarify best practices so that you can build on them as you refine shared outcomes.

Consultation Fees:
Off-campus consultations: $1,800 per faculty per day, plus travel and expenses. Materials are included.

Consultations held at Alverno College: Fees are assessed according to size of group. Additional fees may be assessed as necessary if Alverno College publications are included in the handouts. 

If you have questions about inviting Alverno faculty/staff to consult with your institution, send an e-mail to or call 414-382-6020.