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Master of Science in Nursing FAQs

Q. How long will it take me to complete this program?

A. Our program can be completed in as few as five semesters, which is comparable to accelerated programs in the area.

Q. Do you offer any classes online?

A. We don't offer any online classes. Our MSN program is specifically structured to incorporate collaborative learning opportunities. A shared experiential-learning environment is an essential component in our educational model. The richness of this model allows our graduates to incorporate diverse perspectives into their own world view, and it also supports the development of skills for building and maintaining professional relationships.

Q. Can a nurse working full-time be a successful full-time student in Alverno’s MSN?

A. Yes! Our program is developed with the full-time professional in mind. The every-other-weekend schedule, delivered in a traditional semester format, is very well suited to the demands of a busy life. It allows for the opportunity to maintain a balance with family, work, and personal obligations while still obtaining your MSN degree.

We also offers a part-time option. A student taking two courses per semester can complete the program in as few as seven semesters.

Accepted students can choose to move from either part-time or full-time status at any time during their program if life circumstances change. Students who wish to take advantage of this should work closely with their advisors to maximize scheduling options.

We also have a student-on-leave policy that allows a student to opt out of the program for whatever period of time is necessary to tend to other obligations. Students on leave may retain their student status for the leave period and enter back into the program at the point where they left off. All courses, however, must be completed within a seven year time frame.

Q. What CNS specialty area does Alverno offer? 

A. The CNS specialty area offered is Adult - Gerontology. For more information contact the MSN program director.

Q. Does Alverno offer a Nurse Practitioner program?

A. Yes.  Alverno offers a Family Nurse Practitioner track within our MSN program. 

Q. Is statistics required?

A. Yes. Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate course in inferential statistics within the five years immediately preceding the course MSN 602: Nursing Inquiry, Research and Scholarship is a requirement of the MSN program. 

Q. I am a working professional with a full-time salary; do I qualify for financial aid?

A. Yes! Contact the Graduate Admissions Office to explore your options.

Q. I am ready to apply. What are my next steps? 

A. Click here for our online application instructions.

Alverno’s Graduate and Adult Admissions Counselor will contact you as your application progresses to keep you up-to-date regarding what has been received and to offer support for any step in the process.

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