Required Coursework

Required Core Courses:
(3 credits each; 18 credit total)

MCP 600 Social and Cultural Foundations of Community Psychology
MCP 611 Human Development in Community Contexts
MCP 620 Helping Relationships: Prevention, Intervention and Systems
MCP 651 Research and Evaluation Methods
MCP 688 Professional Ethics and Legal Issues
MCP 750 Community-Based Research

Required Courses:
(3 credits each; 18 credit total)

MCC 625 Theories of Personality, Counseling and Psychotherapy
MCC 660 Individual Appraisal, Assessment and Intervention
MCC 677 Physiological Psychology
MCC 680 Counseling Theory: Individual, Group and Family
MCC 700 Supervised Practicum I (300 Hr)
MCC 720 Supervised Practicum II (300 Hr)

(3 credits each, choose 4; 12 credit total)

MCR 605 Statistics in Community Psychology
MCC 655 Group Behavior in Community Contexts
MCC 671 Addiction and Treatment
MCC 675 Psychopharmacology
MCC 684 Individual Counseling
MCC 685 Career Counseling
MCR 690 Community Consultation and Program Evaluation
MCR 695 Grant Writing
MCR 752 Advanced Community