MSCP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the admission requirements?

A: An application to our program is free. The required pieces are:

  • Application
  • Three recommendations
  • Official transcripts showing a baccalaureate or advanced degree
  • Portfolio
  • Criminal Background Check – A criminal background check is required for the program, but not at this time.  This will be discussed in class during the first semester.

More information about the admission process can be found here.

Q: How much time will it take me to complete this program? 

A: This is a 60-credit program. You can take up to 9 credits per semester and up to 9 credits each summer. Some students have completed the program in 2.5 years. Many complete within 3 years.

Q: Do I have to take 9 credits a semester?
A: No. You can take 3, 6, or 9 credits any semester. You can go at your own pace.

Q: When do the classes meet?
A: During the fall and spring semesters, most classes meet every other weekend, on Friday evening, Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. Some classes meet every other week night. Classes are generally 4 hours long and are very interactive.

Q. Can I get my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) when I finish this program?
A. Yes! The Alverno College Master of Science in Community Psychology degree is approved by the State of Wisconsin for licensure as an LPC. Once you finish the program you are eligible for the Licensed Professional Counselor-in Training (LPC-IT) credential. You then engage in 3000 hours of post-master’s supervised practice and take the National Counseling Exam to be eligible for the LPC license.

Q. What if I have a degree other than psychology? Can I still be accepted into this program?
A. Yes. Our students have bachelor’s degrees from several different fields including social science, community leadership, nursing, English, philosophy, and women’s and gender studies, to name a few. The Admissions Committee will look at your ability to think critically and to write at a graduate level. You will submit writing samples that will help them assess your ability to engage in successful graduate work.

Q: I have a busy schedule. How will I be able to do classes and internships?
A: Many students have found that the every other weekend time frame works well for them. Often, other students are the most qualified to answer this question as many have worked this out for themselves.

Q: How much is tuition?

A: Current information about tuition rates can be found here.