Program Highlights

The Alverno MBA is like no other program

Developed with the future business or organizational leader in mind, The Alverno MBA introduces a curriculum and a highly experiential way of teaching that focuses on developing the knowledge and abilities you need to lead, manage, create and compete in today's and tomorrow’s global marketplace. At Alverno College, we're internationally acclaimed for our pioneering approach to teaching for the real world. We've created a 21st century MBA that will help learners achieve their personal and professional goals in a stimulating, rewarding environment.

Program Highlights

  • Results-oriented and focused on the individual student
  • Adds value for individuals, organizations, and the community
  • The only ability-based, outcome-focused MBA program in the region
  • Builds self, team and organizational agility
  • Uses a cross-functional approach to solving business problems
  • Emphasizes key relationship building
  • Classes meet every other weekend

A better way to learn, period

Simply put, your education is worth more if you graduate with the ability to connect your education to real world experiences. We've developed a unique and proven approach to education that brings the educational process back to its roots by focusing all learning on eight cornerstones of achievement, or abilities, expanded and customized for professionals. Assessment at Alverno is a comprehensive process in which each student is constantly evaluated against performance criteria designed to ensure that students are actually learning, not just memorizing.

Success by our standards means you not only learn, but you can prove it, giving you the confidence you need to achieve the goals you set for yourself, and adding immediate value to your company or organization. Our program is the only program in the region that offers this level of personal attention. We developed the approach, it works, and we can prove it.