Business Division

Hear from Milwaukee’s business leaders on the value of an Alverno Education

Inside Alverno's Business Division, you’ll find our classes grounded in highly experiential teaching methods, instead of long lectures. We use group interaction and assessment-based evaluation versus memorization from a book. This is not learning just to pass a test, but to change the game. Internationally acclaimed for our approach, you’ll experience cross-functional classes – meaning our classes incorporate many areas of business. Our eight core abilities match up with what employers are looking for. We will prepare you to think analytically, work well in teams, be an effective problem solver and more. Our undergraduate business major takes you beyond finance, economics, personnel theory and other necessary business theory and skills. At Alverno, you'll learn how to put them all together.

Graduate Degrees
An Alverno College master’s degree in business administration is an investment in your career – an investment in you. Our integrated MBA is designed to develop leaders and managers who can operate and thrive in the global economy. It has earned our graduates preferred placement in companies throughout Milwaukee and across the country. Are you up to the challenge? Call us at 414-382-6113 for more information about joining our fall cohort. Classes are held every other Saturday, electives are offered face to face or online, and we have ample and free parking. No GMAT score is required and classes are taught by full or part-time instructors with real world business experience. We provide substantive feedback as opposed to letter grades and no courses are taught by TAs (teaching assistants.) Hear from our many successful MBA alumni as to why they chose the Alverno MBA.

We also offer a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and Development. That program entails 30 credits and courses are offered year-round. You can start in summer, fall, or spring. We hope to welcome you into one of our two graduate business programs very soon!