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Graduate Programs

We offer five master’s degree programs and one doctorate degree program for women and men:

Master of Arts in Education

Our MA concentrates on teaching, learning and assessment. It is designed for licensed teachers in K-12 schools, technical and community college teachers, those wishing to become teachers, and business professionals working in, or planning to work in, instructional design, training, human resource or organizational development in business, government and not-for-profit agencies. We offer a number of specializations.

Master of Business Administration

Real-world situation and cross-functional coursework – as well as the highly experiential teaching methods in our MBA program – are designed to sharpen and enhance your abilities to lead, manage, create and compete in today’s and tomorrow’s global marketplace.

Master of Science in Community Psychology

Our MSCP degree emphasizes health and community involvement in prevention, intervention and treatment of mental health issues. Students learn to use a complex network of resources in addressing psychological needs.

Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in School Psychology (fall 2018)

Our Educational Specialist in School Psychology graduate degree is interdisciplinary in nature, blending education and psychology so you have the tools to help students who are struggling academically, socially, behaviorally or emotionally. The three-year program includes two degrees in one: Students first complete a 30-credit Master of Science in Educational Psychology, which counts toward the more advanced 60-credit Educational Specialist degree. Once students complete the Educational Specialist degree, they are eligible to become a licensed school psychologist in Wisconsin.

Master of Science in Nursing

A focus on integrated, experiential and reflective learning differentiates our MSN degree. We offer two tracks, specially designed for baccalaureate-prepared licensed registered nurses to become Family Nurse Practitioners, Psychology Mental Health Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) who wish to put advanced theory into practice with patients, staff and/or students.

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Our DNP degree prepares nurses to assume leadership roles in complex clinical environments, lead the development of health care policy, translate research into practive and serve as expert clinicians in health care.

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