Field Placement

Let’s get some field experience

An important part of a teacher's education is her field experience and student teaching. As an education student, you will spend over 125 hours actively involved in classroom practice throughout the Milwaukee area before you student teach. Alverno maintains ties with over 150 schools in the Milwaukee area to provide these learning opportunities for its education students. The college also operates an on-campus childcare facility, providing additional placement options for education students.

Field students do much more than observe. They progress from working with small groups of learners to teaching the whole class many times before they student teach. They design lesson plans, teach the lessons, assess the effectiveness of their teaching, and determine what they need to do next to provide learning opportunities.

When you graduate, you will have over 600 hours of in-class experience and a thorough preparation in the area you choose. The future of teaching looks bright for Alverno graduates.

Students in the program complete 5 field placements for a total of 125 hours prior to student teaching, and a minimum of 720 student teaching hours: full-time (40 hours a week) over 18 weeks.