Education Minors

Mathematics Minor

Our Mathetics Minor is offered to majors in Early/Middle Childhood Education and Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence Education.

Engaging children in learning mathematics is exciting, vital work. In this course of study you will:

-  Deepen your knowledge of the math you will teach

-  Develop an understanding of the ways children learn

-  Broaden your knowledge of the school math curriculum

-  Develop your math problem-solving ability, persistence and confidence

-  Develop a hands-on understanding of how technology-rich environments can support math learning

-  Learn how to find and use the rich array of math education resources available to today's teacher. A few of these resources include federally supported curriculum programs; curriculum enrichment materials; professional organizations, their conferences and Web sites; technology training workshops and Wisconsin's lively math teacher networks.

Alverno's math minor meets Wisconsin guidelines for a certifiable minor in math. A concentration in math will help you land a great teaching job. In fact, many states and school districts are coming up with new incentives and strategies to increase the number of math and science teachers. Many Alverno alumnae with a math support have moved up in their schools or school districts to become math specialists or curriculum directors.