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"Education  is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Everyone can name a teacher who made a significant and positive impact on them.  You might recall a teacher who went above and beyond to challenge and engage you.  There might have been a teacher who saw you as you really were as well as who you might become.  At Alverno, you can become that teacher.  We are committed to preparing teachers who can be positive agents of change for children, families, schools, and communities. Alverno teachers are making the world better every day in their classrooms, schools, and agency settings.

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Who do you want to teach?

Most teachers have a preference for an age of learner they hope to serve.  If you feel called to teach younger children, you may elect to major in Early Childhood/ Middle Childhood (Birth-age 11), or Middle Childhood/ Early Adolescence (ages 6-13).  If you want to teach middle or high school, you major in a content area and have a support in Secondary Education, licensing you to teach from ages 10-21. If you want to be an Art Teacher, you would be certified to teach in Early Childhood through Adolescence.

Serving all learner needs

Alverno education majors are prepared for licensure in general education in the areas mentioned above. However, our courses are designed so that students also acquire solid knowledge about serving exceptional learners and students with special needs.  Graduates of our undergraduate education majors who wish to pursue dual licensure in special education may return as graduate students and take three additional semesters of coursework to become certified in Cross-Categorical Special Education grades 1-8.  

Understanding Learners and Understanding Content

You will need to select a major and a minor to be qualified to teach at one of the above licensing levels. As you learn more about what you want to teach, you can pick specific content areas for expertise. If you want to teach Early Childhood/ Middle Childhood, your support area could be language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, Spanish language and culture, or creative arts. In Middle Childhood/ Early Adolescence, your support area is a certifiable minor in English language arts, mathematics, social studies or science.  If you are seeking middle/ high school licensure, your support area is in Secondary Education.