Alverno SOE News

Alverno SOE News

October 2016 - The School of Education sponsored an interactive evening engaging local educators in developing mindfulness practices, hearing from other practitioners and school leaders about how mindfulness supports teaching and learning in diverse contexts, and learning what current research about the mind and brain suggest about strong practices. We discussed how developing mindfulness practices for teachers and students can set a positive tone in the climate and culture in the classroom, lower stress level, and create safe and trusting relationships.

September 2016 - Associate Dean of Education Desiree Pointer Mace was an invited panelist at an international education forum held in Montevideo, Uruguay on September 15th, joining presenters from Peru, Spain, and Argentina. Video of her presentation and the panel's discussion is available at Dr. Pointer Mace was also interviewed on the national radio program En Perspectiva about Alverno's innovative approach to ability-based teacher education

July 2016 - Alverno's School of Education continues our active partnership with the Universidad Católica de Argentina in Buenos Aires, who are replicating the ability-based model in educator preparation.

Fall 2015 - Alverno's School of Education sponsored a forum on the topic of "Teaching, Learning, and Trauma: What Educators Know and Can Do." Over 150 attendees came and engaged with panelists from the fields of counseling, health care, mindfulness, and education.

Spring 2015 - Alverno's School of Education faculty have been actively contributing to a national research project sponsored by AACTE and led by the University of Washington.  The project highlights effective uses of data by innovative teacher education programs.  Some of this work has been published in:

  • Ed Prep Matters blog story - “’Twixt Scylla and Charybdis: Navigating the Paradoxes of Data Use, Accountability, and Program Improvement” -
  • Ed Prep Matters blog story – “CAEP Releases Report on ‘Key Effectiveness Indicators’ for Program Evaluation” -
  • Ed Prep Matters blog story – “CEEDAR Center Releases ‘Innovation Configurations’ for Program Evaluation” -

Alverno SOE Dean Pat Luebke, Associate Dean Desiree Pointer Mace presented on the work at an AACTE 67th Annual Meeting Session, March 1, Atlanta, GA  – Building Capacity for Using Data for Program Improvement -