Adult Education Minor

Adult Education Minor

The adult education minor prepares you to teach adults. You will learn about adult development and learning in conjunction with methods of teaching adult learners.

This program is a support area to a variety of disciplines, including professional communication, business and management, psychology, nursing and religious studies.

Specializing in adult education is useful for anyone working with adults - managers and supervisors, training and development specialists, health care professionals, teachers, directors, religious education professionals, and professionals in gerontology. The need for adult educators is found in industrial training programs, in human resource management, in senior citizen activities and in religious education programs.

Sample Curriculum

Beginning Courses:

  • Students may choose from the following foundational courses: PED/PSY 110, PED 150, MGT 221, CLD 220, COMM 200 or LA 284.

Intermediate Courses:

  • PS 411: From Campus to Career
  • AED 354: Adult Education Philosophy and Principles of Teaching

Advanced Courses:

  • AED 490: Practicum in Adult Education
  • AED 488: Programming for Training and Human Resource Development