Business Majors & Minors

In the Business Division, we offer these major and minor areas of study:

  • Business (Major) - Learn how to incorporate all areas of business, inlcuding management, finance, development and more. You can pursue concentrations in the areas below and gain the confidence and skill sets to impact business from multiple prospectives.
  • Communication (Major) - Communication is a dynamic field that explores a range of activity, including face-to-face conversations  and mass approaches like social media and broadcasting.
  • Information Technology (formerly Business Analysis) (Minor) – technology touches everyone’s life today, and is ever changing. Information technology is a broad term covering many areas, such as: software development, hardware, networking, various systems, security, privacy, ethics databases, analysis/analytics and project management. Students will be exposed to various technology and will learn tools that will strengthen those skills that are in-demand in today’s technology-oriented global society.

We believe that having multiple interests in both academics and life is what makes us unique. This important relationship and integration between academic interests is the reason why Alverno requires a minor course of study for each major. At Alverno, we call them support areas. It keeps you engaged and offers limitless opportunities to specialize within your chosen field of study.

Management Minors

Students majoring in business can choose a minor outside of the School of Business, such as Communication, Psychology or Humanities. Students can also create their own minor to suit their individual interests and needs. As an Alverno graduate, the specialized abilities that come with each minor provide added flexibility and an increased skillset when entering the workplace. Our minors give you an edge and are intended to broaden and extend learning.