Faculty & Staff

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Mike Amidzich, CPA, MSMike Amidzich
Assistant Professor

Director of the Accounting Program
Telephone: 414-382-6193
Email: mike.amidzich@alverno.edu

Mike is the faculty advisor to the student organization called AccounTeam.


Dawn BalistririDawn Balistreri, MA
Associate Professor
Telephone: 414-382-6416
Email: dawn.balistreri@alverno.edu




Jean GroshekJean Groshek, MA
Associate Professor
Telephone: 414-382-6240
Email: jean.groshek@alverno.edu





Lindsey HarnessLindsey M. Harness, PhD
Assistant Professor in Communication and Technology
Telephone: 414-382-6412
Email: lindsey.harness@alverno.edu




Dan MatreDaniel Matre, MBA
Assistant Professor
Telephone: 414-382-6403
Email: daniel.matre@alverno.edu




Linda Olszewski PortraitLinda Olszewski, MBA
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Telephone: 414-382-6292
Email: linda.olszewski@alverno.edu

Linda is the faculty advisor to the student organization called ABLE (Alverno Business Leaders Empower).


Photo of Stephani Richards-WilsonStephani Richards-Wilson, PhD, EdD
Assistant Professor
Director of Graduate Business Programs
Telephone: 414-382-6194
Email: stephani.richards-wilson@alverno.edu

Dr. Stephani is the faculty advisor to Alverno's chapter of the NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association.)


Sharon F. Skinner, PhD, MSDD, MA
Assistant Professor
Telephone: 414-382-6253
Email: sharon.skinner@alverno.edu

Tracy Stockwell, PhD
Associate Professor
Chair, Communication and Technology
Telephone: 414-382-6239
Email: tracy.stockwell@alverno.edu

Sharyn WarrenSharyn L. Warren, EdS, MSM
Assistant Professor
Telephone: 414-382-6320
Email: sharyn.warren@alverno.edu





Sue DaBacoSue DaBaco, MBA
Email: sue.dabaco@alverno.edu





Mary Tews
Administrative Assistant for the School of Business
Telephone:  414-382-6500
Email: mary.tews@alverno.edu

You'll also benefit from the industry expertise and  insights of our adjunct instructors who bring real world business experience to the classroom. Learn from some of the most innovative, creative, and engaged faculty in the Midwest.