Career Opportunities

Coursework in the School of Business offers a wide range of skills and experience that will prepare you to enter the workforce in a variety of jobs. An updated business broadfield major will replace the current business major starting in the fall of 2017. The updated business major will include a broader range of required business courses and choice of a concentration in management, marketing, or business analytics.

Management Concentration - Where could you work?

This could be the best part of concentrating in Management. The answer is pretty much anywhere you want. So, if you want to work in a global business, get out an atlas and take a look at where you may want to work or do business. Maybe you like healthcare, nutrition, social service, theater, sports, travel, finance, small businesses, media, computer apps. These fields are all possible. How do any of these job titles sound to you: business owner, department or division manager, finance manager, international business manager, human resources manager, research analyst, or entrepreneur?

Marketing Concentration - First Job? You're ready.

Alverno graduates are everywhere. About 30% of all jobs are marketing related. That’s some really good news! Concentrating in Marketing prepares you to work as marketing managers, product managers, marketing-research analysts, professional sales representatives, internet marketing managers, promotion managers, distribution managers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, and in positions related to advertising. Nearly every organization, including government and healthcare, have professionals who create and manage their marketing efforts and social media.