Education Curriculum

Suggested Curriculum for all Education majors


Integrated Communication Seminar 1 & 2
Mathematical Connections
Introduction to the Arts
Expressions and Interpretations of Human Experience
General Psychology
Integrated Science 1 or;
Foundations of Natural Science 1
Small Group Behavior
Pre-Professional Seminar


Integrated Field Experiences
Introduction to Psychology and Human Development
Life Span Development (Early Adolescence/Adolescence)
Arts and Humanities Electives (Early/Middle Childhood; Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Foundations of Teaching, Learning and Assessing
Technology and Education
Integrated Reading Curriculum 1 (Early/Middle Childhood)
Integrated Reading Curriculum 2 (Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Understanding the Young Child (Early/Middle Childhood)
Science Support Courses (Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Major Courses (Early Adolescence/Adolescence)


Integrated Field Experiences
Introduction to the Exceptional Learner
Integrated Reading Curriculum 2 & 3 (Early/Middle Childhood)
Integrated Reading Curriculum 3 & 4 (Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Methods Course Related to Your Major and Interdisciplinary Teaching Seminar (Early Adolescence/Adolescence)
Mathematics Concepts (Early/Middle Childhood; Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Early Childhood Curriculum (Early/Middle Childhood)
Science Support Courses (Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Middle School Teaching (Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence; Early Adolescence/Adolescence)


Student Teaching
Philosophy of Education
Senior Research (Early/Middle Childhood; Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence)
Diverse Learners
Major Courses (Early Adolescence/Adolescence)