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School of Education

Teachers have a chance to change the world every single day.  Alverno Teachers are among the very best at it.

Nationally and Internationally Recognized

Our School of Education is well known for preparing effective teachers.  Just ask former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.  The George Lucas Education Foundation named Alverno one of the top ten teacher preparation programs in the United States. A groundbreaking report written by Professor Arthur Levine, "Educating School Teachers," named Alverno as one of only four best teacher preparation programs in the United States.  Recently, Alverno faculty have traveled to ArgentinaKorea, and Puerto Rico to work with education colleagues who are hoping to learn more about the Alverno model for teacher preparation.  

Our Mission

The School of Education at Alverno College prepares professionals committed to developing the abilities of all learners, building community as a context and support for learning, providing high-quality education in highest-need settings, and continuing their own ongoing growth through thoughtful reflection.

Our Outcomes

The School of Education at Alverno College develops educators' abilities in five areas:

  • Conceptualization: to integrate content knowledge with educational frameworks and a broadly based understanding of the liberal arts in order to plan and implement instruction;
  • Diagnosis: to relate observed behavior to relevant frameworks in order to determine and implement instruction;
  • Coordination: to manage resources effectively to support learning goals;
  • Communication: to use verbal, nonverbal, and media modes of communication to establish the learning environment and to structure and reinforce learning; and
  • Integrative Interaction: to act with professional values as a situational decision maker, adapting to the changing needs in the environment in order to develop learners.

Undergraduate Teacher Education programs

If you are an undergraduate student, you will choose one of the Elementary/Middle and Secondary Education majors. Each of us knows the teacher who made a difference in our life. Here’s your chance to be that teacher.

Graduate Teacher Education programs

If you already have an undergraduate degree and want to become a teacher, you can select among our Licensure to Masters Programs in

  • General Education:
    • Early Childhood/ Middle Childhood
    • Middle Childhood / Early Adolescence
    • Early Adolescence / Adolescence (Requires Content Major)
  • Cross-Categorical Special Education:
    • Middle Childhood / Early Adolescence
    • Early Adolescence / Adolescence

Advanced Educator Licensure programs

If you have an initial teacher education license and wish to move into additional areas of licensure, we offer advanced licensure programs in

  • Alternative Education
  • Administrative Leadership (Principal)
  • Instructional Leadership (Director of Instruction)
  • Reading Teacher
  • Reading Specialist

Master of Arts in Education Programs

Our Master of Arts in Education (MA) gives you the tools of learning that you can apply to a variety of educational and business settings. Our program has earned our graduates preferred placement in schools and businesses throughout Milwaukee and across the country. Since your MA will be applied in a work environment specific to you, we offer the opportunity to specialize in a number of unique educational areas.

State of Wisconsin Report on Educator Preparation Programs

As required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the Alverno College School of Education makes available data related to licensed teachers who are teaching in public school settings in the state.  While the report shows that Alverno graduates are employed at comparable rates to programs at other colleges, these data do not include our many graduates who teach in parochial, choice, Archdiocesan or education agency settings.


Other data related to the performance of Alverno teacher graduates, including employer surveys and teacher surveys, are available at the Educational Research and Evaluation website.

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