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Marketing Management Major


You do what you will be doing at work and in your career. The same activities done in class are the ones you do working as a marketer. You become a confident and talented marketer who knows how to communicate, work in teams, lead projects, and serve people and markets in the U.S. and elsewhere.

But you like new ideas, so Marketing Management could be a good major for you. Marketers create products for entertainment, for making life better, for living healthier and for looking better. This can be for the U.S. and for markets everywhere such as China, Brazil, France and Australia. That is the challenge, now how do you learn this?

Take your first Marketing course

On the first day of your first marketing course, you work on a new product development team with other students. The professors says the Nike company needs your team to create a new shoe for working women. It has to fold flat, be used for work, fit in a purse, be stylish, use all new Nike shoe technology and cost under $30. Your team brainstorms ideas and designs, creates a sample, conducts surveys and selects a name. Well, there is more to do. You have to decide where to sell it, how you would sell it in France and Europe, and develop estimates of sales, expenses and profits. So, some of the time in class is learning the basic concepts of marketing, while the rest of the class you are doing marketing — making products for somebody to live better, be healthier, look better, and all at a really good price.

Get it on Oprah and Facebook

What’s next for your great new product? Well, you need to learn more about marketing by taking courses in research, promotion, marketing technology and global marketing. Here you will create multimedia presentations, social media strategies, design ads, produce videos, build your team and be a marketer. You will be the persuasive one who knows how to help convince people to love your ideas and buy your products.

You could be famous soon, twice

Oh, internships! Where do you want to learn with the pros? SC Johnson in Racine, Milwaukee Brewers, or ESPN Sports Radio? Or it could be at the Milwaukee Art Museum or Summerfest. What are you going to do? You could be writing promotions, doing customer surveys or meeting with clients. TWICE? Yes, you will have your first internship as a junior and then a second as a senior. So learn, and let them see what you can do. There could be a job coming your way.

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