Sociology Major Courses

Required Courses in the Sociology Major

Updated January 2015

Here are the current course requirements for a Sociology MAJOR at Alverno College. The courses are organized into categories to help you understand why you have to take what you do.  The total credits required is 40-42.

Foundations in Economics and Politics

All societies have to acquire and distribute the necessities of life, and make decisions about who gets what. Thus all societies have an economic system and a political system of some type. So we ask all students to learn about these social institutions early in their major.

MGT 210 The Economic Environment

3 credits

SOC 225 American Politics


Research and Practice

At Alverno College we strongly believe in learning through doing. Thus we strongly emphasize research skills, application of skills to solving problems,  and internships—which are also very important for future jobs. These courses are usually taken in sophomore through senior year.

BSC 255 Behavioral Science Research Methods


BSC 256 Statistics


INT 383 Sociology Internship


CLD 338   Program Evaluation, or

CLD 437  Fundraising and Grant Writing or

SOC 341   Geographical Information systems


Sociological Imagination

Sociology instills a certain way of thinking about people, social institutions, and social change. Thus we require several courses to form your sociological imagination in your sophomore, junior, and senior years.

SOC 220 Social Movements and Social Change


SOC 301 Social Theory


SOC 320 The Family, or SOC 321, Criminology and Justice


SOC 491 Senior Seminar



To broaden and deepen your knowledge of sociological issues and topics of your choosing, you are required to take at least 6 credits from the following set:

SOC 306  Race and Ethnicity in American Life


SOC 320, The Family, or SOC 321, Criminology
(you can take the one you did not use to meet your requirement above)


SOC 330 The Model United Nations Experience


SOC 365 Comparative Social Psychology


CLD 412 Community Development


SOC 390 Case Management


SOC 398 Community, Power, and Change


SOC 410 Comparative Social Policy


SOC 483 Advanced Internship


Other courses are also offered occasionally. Check the Course Offerings listings each semester and talk with your Sociology advisor.