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Psychology Major

How can we better understand our own behavior or the behavior of others?  Most of us have intuitive ideas about why people do what they do.  The problem is that it’s quite difficult, in the course of everyday life, to tell the sound ideas from the faulty ones.  The casual observations that give us those intuitive ideas simply can't reveal the real reasons why we do what we do. 

When you are a psychology major, you take a scientific approach to studying behavior and mental processes, which allows you to discover reliable and consistent principles.  At Alverno, we use an experiential approach in the study of psychology, because first-hand experience helps you to develop the kind of understanding that characterizes the competent professional in psychology.

Students majoring in psychology at Alverno will gain proficiency in a wide variety of learning outcomes.

Courses in Psychology

As an upper-level student in psychology, you’ll take classes to give you in-depth knowledge in particular topics within the field.  In addition, you’ll practice what you know.  In clinical coursework, you’ll practice interviews and therapeutic techniques.  In research classes, you’ll develop original questions and pursue the answers independently.  Some students have been selected to present their research projects at prestigious national conferences such as the annual conventions of the Association for Psychological Science and the American Psychological Association.

Getting Experience in Psychology

In two internships, you will work in settings where you can use your knowledge and abilities in psychology.  You might work in a mental health facility, a human resources office of an organization, or at a medical research lab.  Maybe you will be a member of Alverno’s Psych Forum where you can discuss career opportunities and hot topics in psychology.  And with your distinguished academic work, you could become a member of Alverno’s chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.

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