Curriculum & Requirements

Typical course of study for a Psychology major

As an Alverno student, you will participate in Alverno's unique ability-based curriculum. As a Psychology major you will take a course of study similar to this:
In the first two years your studies will give you a background in the ways that psychologists think about a variety of topics. You will learn to apply psychological concepts and begin to learn about psychological theories. You will also learn about the methods that psychologists use to build their knowledge of why people (and other animals) behave, think, and feel the ways that they do.

In addition to your work in Psychology, in these first two years you will also complete the "general education" part of Alverno's liberal arts curriculum. In doing so you will develop the skills and knowledge that make up a well-rounded college graduate, regardless of her major and supports.

In your third and fourth years you will take more specialized courses and do independent project work which you will use to develop your understanding of the areas in Psychology which you find the most interesting and the most related to your long-term goals. In the project work in particular, you will practice applying the theories and research methods you have learned to topics which interest you personally.

In these last two years you will also do your internships, working at off-campus sites where you can practice your skills and learn about how working professionals apply their learning.

Here is what a sequence might look like. Please note that not all classes are offered every semester, so be sure to consult with your advisor when planning your course sequence.

First Year   
  • PSY 110: Lifespan Psychology
  • BSC 255: Behavioral Science Research Methods
Second Year   
  • PSY 250: Abnormal Psychology
  • BSC 256: Probability and Statistics
Third Year   
  • PSY 301: Analytic Reading in Psychology
  • PSY 302: Classic and Contemporary Theories in Psychology
  • PSY 383: First Internship
  • Psychology electives*
Fourth Year   
  • PSY 350: Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 483: Advanced Internship
  • PSY 491: Senior Seminar
  • Psychology electives*

* The Psychology electives include:

  • PSY 330: Psychological Assessment
  • PSY 335: Psychology of the Adult Learner
  • PSY 340: Contemporary Issues in Psychology (rotating topics)
  • PSY 345: Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 360: Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 365: Social Psychology
  • PSY 375: Theories of Personality
  • PSY 380: Learning and Cognition
  • PSY 390: Case Management
  • PSY 441: Animal Behavior

Psychology Major Requirements

For students interested in completing a Support in Psychology, the following courses are required:  PSY 110, PSY 250, BSC 255, and 8 credits of PSY electives.