Meet the Sociology Faculty

Professor of SociologyJeana Abromeit, Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Colorado-Boulder, 1996
414 382-6261

I’ve taught a variety of courses at Alverno that reflect my diverse interests in sociology and social science.  I also have some expertise in a number of areas.  So, if you’re interested in one of the following topics, feel free to contact me:  research methods; peace and conflict; interpersonal communication; intercultural communication and conflict; understanding terrorism; sex and gender; sexualization of girls/women; social construction of gender, race/ethnicity, and inequality; social stratification; program evaluation; and organization development.  On behalf of Alverno College, I also do a lot of consulting in the U.S. and abroad (e.g., Australia, Hong Kong, Chile, and the Netherlands).   In my life before academia, I was a human resource manager for the U.S. Forest Service (think about Smokey the Bear).   I volunteer my time with the Arab and Muslim Women’s Research and Resource Institute; one of our projects is doing oral history interviews with first and second generation immigrants.

David Brooker, Associate Professor of Political Science‌David Brooker, Associate Professor of Political Science

Ph.D. in Political Science, Miami University,


I am the Director of the Program in Global Studies and International Affairs.  My classes focus on the world outside of the United States.   I teach courses on the United Nations, Comparative Politics, the European Union and global issues. . For my doctoral studies I specialized in Russia and the former Soviet Union and have published articles on political leadership in Post-Soviet states.

One of the cool aspects of my job is getting to travel with students.  Each fall I take a group of students to Chicago to participate in a 4-day Model United Nations simulation.  I have also developed a class called Coastal Cities: Baltic Sea which studies how cities can be affected, economically, culturally and environmentally, by being located on the water.  The class ends with a trip to Poland, Sweden and Denmark to explore cities on the Baltic Sea.

Russell Brooker, Professor of Political Science‌Russell Brooker, Professor of Political Science

Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Chicago, 1981

I am the Director of the Politics Program and teaches courses in American politics, social theory, African American history, and statistics.  For my Ph.D. in Political Science, I specialized in public opinion and political participation. I am active in America's Black Holocaust Museum (abhmuseum.org), and have worked regularly in elections since 1968. I have also served on several non-profit boards, including MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope), America’s Black Holocaust Museum, and Frankly Music.

I taught as a Fulbright scholar in Vietnam during the spring 2006 semester and returned to Vietnam to teach summer school in 2007 and 2008.  Jeana Abromeit and I took classes of Alverno students to Vietnam in January 2010, 2012, and 2014. I co-authored a textbook on Public Opinion, and more recently wrote a book on African American history, titled The American Civil Rights Movement 1865-1950: Black Agency and People of Good Will.

Chair of the Social Science DepartmentStephen Sharkey, Professor of Sociology

Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Connecticut, 1980

I am the Chair of the Social Science Department. In my doctoral research I specialized in the art and daily culture of totalitarian societies, with a focus on Fascist Italy. I teach a range of courses in the social science program, including the introductory course, social movements and social change, the sociology of the family, and the capstone senior seminar. I have also taught courses in communications skills and critical thinking for college students.  I am especially interested in how individuals form their identities in contemporary society, the influence of religion on culture, how we form and act on our values, as well as Catholic social teaching. I have consulted with other colleges and universities on undergraduate curriculum reform, and for many years was active in my parish as a council member and officer.  I also love to read books and hang out in coffee shops with my dear wife of 43 years.