Nat Godley

Assistant Professor Nat Godley
Ph.D., University of Iowa 2006
World, Colonialism, Islam, the Middle East, Minorities & Citizenship
Corona 308

I teach classes in World History, the Middle East and Islamic World, imperialism, and migration to and within Europe. One class I really enjoy teaching is HS 310 Immigration and Race in Modern Europe. Students look at a range of migrant communities in Western Europe, both from within Europe and from outside, analyzing the similarities and differences in their migration patterns, their experiences, and the responses of the societies they migrated to. I like this course not only because it resonates with my own experiences of growing up in multi-ethnic Britain, but also because it combines a wide range of perspectives, from economics and sociology through community activism to looking at stories of immigration in novels and movies.

My research interests focus on Algeria during French colonial rule (1830-1962), and I am currently working on a book on Algeria’s Jewish population during the colonial period. I am originally from the outer suburbs of London, and did my BA at the University of Keele in the north of England. I then went on to graduate school at the Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille III, France, and then to the University of Iowa, where I earned my Ph.D.  I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Cubs (and Brewers!) baseball and Welsh rugby, cooking vegetarian food, and listening to all kinds of music, from punk rock to classical Arabic music, but with a special interest in popular music from the non-Western world – like Arabic punk rock, for example!